What Are 3 Common Sales Training Mistakes All Companies Make Again and Again?

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Avoidable mistakes are not only a waste of valuable resources but can also eat into your profits. So, to help keep your business afloat, try staying clear of the following mistakes. 

Not following a sales process

The best sales training companies teach the importance of having and following a crystal-clear sales roadmap. A study by Seismic found that salespeople who follow a well-laid plan hit their targets 67% of the time.

Companies without a sales process have dim prospects as they are essentially flying blind and will often crash.  

So, it helps to craft and follow your sales plan. While you may leave some wiggle room to allow your company to adapt to changing circumstances, sticking to the main plan can yield more success.

Failing to handle objections

Customers seldom jump onto new product offers without objection. More than 60% of salespeople say they are met with objections on almost every call, according to Gong.

As talented as you may be and as great as your company and product are, objections are a common part of the sales process. Salespeople often make the mistake of being short-sighted and giving up too quickly instead of finding ways to win the customer over. 

So, to become the best, it’s important to plan, prepare and get training on how to deal with various objections so you can be ready when they pop up. 

Not asking for referrals

Avoid making the mistake of leaving value on the table by not asking for a referral. According to Porter Group, almost 70% of salespeople don’t even ask for referrals. Yet, having a steady referral process in place can lead to a snowball effect that grows your business exponentially. Hooking one customer can lead you to two more. Sealing the deal with your two new customers can lead you to four more, and the ball keeps rolling in the same way. 

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So, it’s important to earn referrals by giving your buyers a top-notch experience. Dig deep and ask the right questions to uncover what the customer wants and needs. Once you catch a glimpse of the customer’s needs, present your product as the best solution. It helps to tailor your pitch to make the customer feel that you’re out to help and not simply sell to them. When customers are satisfied, they are more likely to spread the word about your products and services. 

All in all, avoid falling into the same traps that pull other companies in. Become the best by training and empowering your reps with the skills they need to dodge these common pitfalls.  


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