Top 10 Sports Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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We all love to watch sports and even play with great enthusiasm. Many of you must be skilled at specific games and might be curious to know more about them further. Sports belongs to an entertainment industry that contains lots of deep secrets and some amazing facts you are unaware of. We have tried to open all the secrets of sports that are kept hidden from your eye.

Let’s reveal the list of amazing sports facts that will blow your mind.

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10 Surprising Sports Facts To Drop Your Jaw

1) Why is the Pattern of Soccer Black and White?

Since childhood, the image of football has been imprinted as a black and white pattern in our minds. But have you ever questioned why soccer is made with black and white patterns?

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The reason behind this is propeller visibility on the black and white TV screen available to entertain a few decades ago. There was no color TV, and due to the colorless background, it was difficult to recognize the ball. So, to solve this problem, the football was designed with a black and white hexagonal pattern.

2) The oldest form of soccer, Cuju

Everybody thinks that soccer was invented in England, but it’s not true. You will say I am joking or I have gone out of my mind. 

Well, it’s true! Cuju is a game in China that is very much similar to football. Also known as Tsu-chu is an ancient Chinese game invented way before the English empire could invent soccer and take it to the world platform. It follows all the rules of a modern soccer game as you can hit using any part of your body except your hand. Two teams compete with each other to strike maximum goals to win the match. And f you are interested in a modern-day game, you can track the livescore on buaksib.

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3) Silver Medal Was Distributed As First Prize In Olympics 

Now, players from all over the world have only one dream: to win Gold Medals in the mega sports event, the Olympics. But earlier, only the Silver Medal was distributed to the players for their giant efforts. The trend of the Gold medal was started in 1904 at the St. Louis Olympics, USA.

Earlier, gold was considered too expensive, and the winners were rewarded with the silver medal, and the runner-up was honored with a bronze.

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4) The Richest Football Team In The World

Football is the most popular game in this era and generates the highest revenue as compared to other games played overseas. But have you ever imagined which is the richest football team in the world? 

Well, Manchester United is one of those teams that generate the highest revenue of approximately €644.9m every year. Undoubtedly, football, being the most popular game, is also the highest-grossing game worldwide.

5) Who won First Medal In the Olympics?

We have grown up watching the Olympic games and the greatest players in history. The system of medal distribution as a prize was started in the Olympics for the first time. But hardly anyone knows who got the first medal as a prize, and for what sports athlete was the awarded? 

It was James Brendan Connolly, an athlete from the United States, who secured a medal for the first time in the Olympic Games on 6 April 1896.

6) The Incredible Stumps of MS Dhoni

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, and MS Dhoni, a former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team, is a true gentleman. He is also honored with the title of Captain Cool for his incredible achievements and presence of mind.

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He has achieved some tremendous records that are next to impossible to break. One of them is the fastest stumping in just 0.8 seconds, which is faster than eye blinking. In addition, he has the highest number of stumping in cricket history.

7) The Youngest Player to Win Gold Medal In the Olympics

One more fact you might not know is about the youngest Olympic gold medalist globally. We all love to watch games, and people wait for the Olympics with full excitement. But have you ever thought about the name of the youngest player to bag a gold medal in the Olympics? 

Well, Momiji Nishiya, a Japanese athlete, won gold and became the Women’s Street Skateboarding champion at Tokyo Olympics. And you will be surprised to know that she was just 13 when she achieved this goal.

8) The Highest Gold Medals in the History of the Olympics

Michael Phelp, an American former swimmer, has the highest gold medal in the history of the Olympics and holds seven world records as well. You will be amazed to know that he has won almost 28 medals in his career; among them, 23 are only gold, which is the highest number in the world. He also has 3 silver and 2 bronze medals due to his bad luck. Seeing his achievements, he is one of the greatest athletes ever found on earth.

9) The Highest Grand Slam Winner

The Grand Slam is the most prestigious and one of the biggest tournaments in the world of tennis. Winning a Grand Slam title is the biggest dream of any tennis player. 

You will be amazed to know that Rafael Nadal is the highest Grand Slam winner, who won 21 times to this title. Second comes Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, both holding the title 20 times each.

Though the difference is not so big between the first and second position, it is made with a single number, and Rafael Nadal made it and held the first position in recent times.  

10) The longest Tennis Match in History 

Insert-Mahut is the longest tennis match played in history, which was held at 2010 Wimbledon, played between John Iser and Nicolas Maut 11 hours, and 5 min. It is 4 hours, 3min more than the second-longest match. 

The second position is the Double Men’s tennis event held in the 2013 Davis Cup between Tomas Berdych & Lukas Rosol and Stan Wawrinka & Marco Chiudinelli. They took 7 hours and 1 minute to complete one game that is way back from the first position.

Final Verdict

People love playing or watching their favorite games for their entertainment. Watching sports can be fun, but knowing facts about the game and favorite player can be more enjoyable.

The top 10 sports facts mentioned above are undoubtedly amazing and were almost unknown by most people. We believe that the shared information must have thrilled you as a sports lover.

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