The Connection Between Planets and Colours in Astrology

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Colours have long been used in astrological remedies, dating back to ancient Vedic times. To appease different planets and gods, sages and saints used different products associated with different colours. They emphasised it, such as white rice, green leaves, red vermillion, yellow and red cloth, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, and flowers of different colours. If you speak to astrologer to discuss your problems, whether in person or via an astrology app, they will most likely recommend remedial measures based on colours.

According to astrology, each colour represents a distinct meaning, magnitude, and consequence. The fundamental understanding of colours and their significance in astrology includes the symbolic and character analysis of a colour, which is clearly a complex operation. This colour interpretation in astrology can only be made by an expert astrologer online or offline who has studied the science extensively.

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Each colour is associated with a specific planet and thus has different types of qualities in association with the concerned planet. The character associated with the colour varies depending on the influence of the planet. Colour plays an important role in astrology. In addition to the mantra, tantra, gem therapy, puja (worship), daan (charity), and other resources, colours can provide remedies for the placement of weak planets in a person’s birth chart.

The Sun is the source of all colours, and all colours travel from the Sun with varying wavelengths and energy intensities. The Sun is the primary energy source for the Universe and all living things, and it is also where colour waves originate. Today, numerous scientific studies have been conducted to document the significance of colours. Fortunately, the significance of colours in astrology was discussed even during the ancient Vedic period and the development of modern science. 

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Astrology and Planets: Overview

When the planets are properly placed in our birth chart, they are referred to as good planets, whereas incorrectly placed planets are referred to as bad planets. The good planets will assist us in achieving our goals in all of our endeavours. However, when a planet is in an unfavourable position, it can cause problems in an individual’s life.

This can only be addressed with time and by performing remedies to please the planet, thereby assisting the affected individual in escaping stressful, uncomfortable, and painful situations. According to expert astrologers online, all planets are divided into auspicious and inauspicious planets, and each planet reflects rays of different colours. As a result, the colour emitted by each planet gives that planet a distinct appearance.

In the same way that astrology predicts lucky numbers, it also predicts lucky colours. For different planets, astrological remedies use different coloured fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, grains, pulses, cloths, woods, and so on. The Sun is a mix of red and orange, but it is most commonly predicted to be red. Similarly, different planets reflect different colours, such as the Moon, which emits the Sun’s orange rays despite its pale white colour. 

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Similarly, the planet Mercury absorbs green light and scatters it. The planet Jupiter, despite its orange-yellow colour, emits the Vibgyor spectrum’s blue rays. Though Venus is known for its pure white colour, it emits indigo rays of the spectrum. Saturn, which is black in colour, emits violet rays from the Sun. The two imaginary planets Rahu and Ketu, have been given colours, with Rahu being black and Ketu being brown.

Let’s learn more about the planets and their colours.

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SUN – Though the Sun’s colour is a mixture of orange and red, and it is commonly referred to as red. Clothing or items of red or saffron colour can be used to strengthen the Sun’s position in an individual’s natal chart and at the time of horoscope consideration. Astrologers also recommend ruby stone as a remedy because it is red in colour and represents characteristics such as power and energy. Aside from that, the colour red is associated with dynamism, originality, and inventiveness. At the same time, too much red is not good, and red is not recommended for those who have heart problems.

MOON – The Moon is compared to purity because it is pale white and contains all seven colours of the spectrum. The purifying properties of white are well known. According to astrology, white colour is said to influence a person’s thinking capacity and lead them down the path of righteousness and spirituality. When the Moon’s position in a person’s horoscope is weak, astrologers usually recommend white items such as white lotus, jasmine, lily, milk, curd, rice flour, white sandalwood, and so on.

MARS – The colour emitted by Mars is yellow, even though the planet is supposed to be red. The difference between the red colours of the Sun and Mars is that the red of the Sun represents royalty, whereas the red of Mars represents violence. When the planet Mars is not properly positioned in the birth chart, astrologers usually recommend a red or yellow colour. Red and pink coral gemstones are among the other colour-related astrological remedies for the planet Mars.

MERCURY – Green is a good colour for Mercury because it represents balance, peace, and hope. The colour green is known for its ability to soothe agitated nerves and minds. However, too much green will result in a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Astrologers recommend green colour for any problem that arises due to Mercury’s poor positioning in the horoscope. 

JUPITER – Jupiter is always thought to be a good planet, and the colour associated with Jupiter is yellow or yellowish-orange, which is thought to have a positive vibration. Jupiter’s favourable colour is quite comforting, and it imparts vitality and enthusiasm. The yellow colour influences a person’s intellect. If Jupiter is weak in a person’s horoscope, astrologers recommend the yellow colour to help overcome any issues.

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SATURN – Saturn’s colour is black due to the lack of light, and the rays discharged from Saturn are violet in colour. Though black is a calming colour, too much of it can lead to depression and dejection. The colour black is known for its defensive and preventative properties. Hostility, hindrance, antagonism, and rivalry are some of the negative characteristics associated with black. Astrologers recommend black-coloured items as remedies for Saturn-related problems.

RAHU – Though Rahu is not considered a planet by scientists, it is considered a planet in Vedic astrology because of its powerful influence. When a planet aligns with Rahu or Kethu, Kala Sarpa yoga is formed, which will cause many hindrances and failure in almost everything that we do. Constant challenges will prevent an individual from progressing in their life. Rahu has a smoky or black appearance.

KETU – Ketu, like Rahu, is considered a shadow planet that takes on the colour brown and is not the original colour of the spectrum. Astrologers recommend brown-coloured items for dealing with Ketu-related astrological issues.

You should speak to an astrologer for consultation if you need any remedial assistance to your astrological problems arising from weakly positioned planets in your natal chart. Nowadays, with technological advancement, you can find an astrologer online at your convenience on platforms such as websites or an astrology app

So, consult an astrologer of your choosing right away!

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