Sweet Selfie v3.12.1189 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download for Android

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Do you love taking selfies anytime, anywhere, with friends, and always want to create the best selfie? So come the Sweet Selfie app and its community of over 100 million users. That is a real-time selfie application, allowing users to create the best selfie with just a few edits. No matter how your face is, this app will fix it all and try to make your face beautiful than ever. The entire feature of this application is mostly real-time, so users do not necessarily have to go through complicated repair processes. For this app, you just need to pose, select filters, and you’ve got the best selfie with your friends.

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The application has an intelligent, neat, and modern interface to create a new and user-friendly feeling for users. Moreover, its interface is specially designed, with a shutter button in the middle that allows users to take whatever they want quickly. You can even use some other side effects to make your selfie easy. The interface of the application will be expanded with more details using the menu button. This place will contain all the advanced features for editing photos, and even the application will have a separate photo library for users. Also, on the main screen, all necessary features, all advanced shooting modes will be displayed neatly. Players only need to swipe their scroll bar, and the app is ready to apply everything to a user’s face.

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The preset is used to save the settings available for the user. The selfie will also be affected by the light, and the surroundings and preset will help players balance it. The application will have some default presets for users, they are the basic standards of the community, and they have made a lot of users happy. Their capabilities are diverse, and even users can create their own preset to take photos anytime, anywhere quickly. Presets will be the options that users use to save shooting mode, photo effects, real-time effects, and even some lovely stickers. It can contain a lot of things in a preset, so users can use it for different environments to create the best selfie.

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Real-time shooting features

Nowadays, real-time shooting features have become very popular in the world. It allows multiple visual effects or stickers to be displayed right on the user’s face, and it will work with smart AI to create the best photos. Besides, users can apply beauty settings, allowing women to become more beautiful than ever. If they are not confident in their beauty or are concerned about the dark spots, acne, or other things on the skin, do not worry, this application will remove all of them. Also, users can change their hairstyle, eye color, and many other things to change their appearance. All of the real-time effects inside this app are perfect, even having a teeth whitening feature to make your smile more beautiful.

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Multifunctional editing tool

Sweet Selfie is not only an advanced photography application with great features, but it is also a photo editor with advanced tools. All your selfies, or general images, can be edited in one note. If you take multiple selfies at the same time, you can fit them together into one with the app’s perfect collage effect. Of course, the app will also support users with an innovative set of tools with modern features for them to edit everything in their selfies. If users are not satisfied with the perfection of the selfie, they can go through the editing tool, edit a bit, and they have achieved what they want. A smart toolset will work effectively if the user has a lot of creativity.

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Perfect Your Body

The application can not only beautify your face, but it can also do the same thing with your body. Do you think you’re fat? Then just shrink it. Do you think you’re short? Just stretch it out. Do you think your body is not $exy enough? Then make it $exier in the way you want it. Everything you need for your body, this app will have it all. Interestingly, it only affects your body; things in the environment will not be affected. That ensures you have a perfect selfie that makes it impossible for viewers to notice that it’s been edited.

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With Sweet Selfie, you will not need inferiority about your appearance and beauty. Take pictures and edit them the way you want. If you are a selfie enthusiast, then this app will be a great tool for you.

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