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She Stated It: The Finest Tweets Of This Week (8 – 14 September)

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Oh yeah, she said it! This week boss babes were tweeting about STD’s, imposter syndrome and drunk girls in the bathroom. 

It’s Friday and Team SHESAID are excited for the weekend.

This week, we noticed a theme in the tweets we spotted and it gave us the warm fuzzies. The sheer amount of self-love and queen energy that wafted through our Twitter feeds motivated us through the working week.

You babes were out there supporting each other through thick and thin, with an ever-present sense of humor that never ceases to amaze us.

We tackled some big issues online, talking about everything from the importance of normalizing STD testing to the perpetuation of mental health stigma in seemingly innocent phrases.

Get ready to absorb some bad-ass babe energy.

These were the best tweets of this week…

1. Normalize STD testing

2. The beauty that is drunk girls in bathrooms

3. Imposter syndrome

4. A little louder for the people in the back!

5. The difference between men and women

6. The woes of colorblindness

7. A self-sufficient woman

8. The power of women’s anger

9. Book me in advance

10. The best of boys

11. A new age for social media

12. You’re boring

13. Be however you want to be

14. Stop the stigma

15. Showbiz baby

16. Catch 22


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