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It is surprising how much the world has changed over the last few decades. Technological advancements have ushered in revolutions after revolutions in the way we live our lives every day, and yet, when it comes to office productivity, most offices in the world seem to be stuck in the ways of the past. It has been that way historically, as any change in the way we do business means a disruption. But, what if the disruption is actually for the collective benefit of everyone and helps make for a happy, more productive workplace? Interested? Read on and find out about how one simple change – an OCR PDF solution – can revolutionize so many aspects of how business is done. 

Part I: What Is OCR PDF? 

Sure, you are intrigued; but that last statement has you baffled – what is ocr pdf? Now, any office worth its while knows PDF documents. They have been dealing in and with them for a long time. PDFs are handy, and a user’s delight because they are displayed exactly how the sender wanted them to be seen, no matter the display, no matter the device. Offices also deal in and with scanned documents that are usually stored as image files or PDFs. Signatures are taken and documents scanned and attached.

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We all know how those can be. Scanned documents cannot be read by your system, only you can read them. Consequently, you cannot make changes to them if needed. You cannot search through the documents if you wanted to. 

Wondershare pdfelement for mac (also for Windows, iOS and Android) is a PDF solution for you that is a gamechanger for your office workflow, in that regard. Using Wondershare PDFelement, not only will you be able to search scanned documents just as you do any other, but you will also be able to perform a few neat timesaver tricks, such as inline editing of documents, not to mention modifying document layouts as well. Oh, yeah!

Part II: About Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement is a complete PDF solution that works as a regular PDF reader when you want it to be and harnesses the power of a world-renowned OCR engine by ABBYY to OCR PDFs and convert scanned documents to OCR PDFs when you want to. Furthermore, you can edit PDFs within the app in just one click.

Wondershare PDFelement also features cloud sync so your documents are never far from where you are, and business can be conducted as smoothly as ever even when the business heads and signatories are not present in offices. They can view and edit documents wherever they are with Wondershare PDFelement, and as PDFelement supports digital signatures, they can also electronically sign documents from wherever they are. 

Get started today by downloading Wondershare PDFelement now.

Part III: How To OCR PDFs With Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. Consequently, it only takes 3 steps to OCR PDFs with Wondershare PDFelement:

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Step 1: Launch PDFelement and select Tool > OCR Text Recognition: 

Step 2: Choose document language, page range, type setting and DPI you want to use.

Step 3: Click Perform OCR.

With that, the document along with document layout will become editable and you can make changes to the content right within PDFelement. No more going back to ‘original’ document and making changes and then taking prints again or converting to PDFs again. Just make changes to the PDF and pass it along!

Part IV: Why Use Wondershare PDFelement

World over, when people think PDF, they think Adobe. And Adobe knows it. They have their PDF reader, and they have an excruciatingly priced product called Adobe Acrobat Pro that you can use to edit PDFs. Why pay Adobe so much when you can get the world-renowned ABBYY OCR engine-powered PDF solution for far less, one that also does so much more? 

Price is not the only reason why you should use PDFelement. Here are few ways how PDfelement benefits you every day:

Scanned documents cannot be searched. We know that. And that is such a waste of precious office time! But they can be searchable, if you use Wondershare PDFelement and convert them to OCR PDF. Use PDFelement and enjoy instant search functionality in scanned documents just like in any other document!

Edit PDF Documents

Editing PDF documents is what makes PDFelement a joy to use and saves users a lot of time every day. And it takes just one click to start editing PDFs in Wondershare PDFelement. No more wasting time changing layouts and making edits in the ‘original’ document. Save time by working directly in the PDF opened in Wondershare PDFelement.

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Cloud File Interoperability Enables You To Work Anywhere

Wondershare PDFelement has native apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This is so you can view your documents stored in the cloud on all these operating systems anywhere in the world. This way, employees can stay on top of the documents anywhere in the world on any device available to them.

Digital Signatures

Wondershare PDFelement also features electronically signing documents. This means that authorized signatories are never truly away from the office, and they can conduct business as usual and sign documents electronically from wherever they are in the world, thanks to Cloud File Interoperability and support for digital signatures.


It is time to upgrade your office productivity and workflow and save employees from tedious, repetitive work that no one enjoys doing. With Wondershare PDFelement, employees can edit PDFs right there, decision makers can sign documents electronically, and everyone can work from anywhere in the world with Cloud File Interoperability. Everyone in the office, at any level, becomes happy. And happy employees are productive employees. 


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