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Mytty announces he will not run for reelection after nearly 50 years as Dodge County clerk | Government and Politics

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After nearly 50 years with Dodge County, Clerk and Election Commissioner Fred Mytty introduced he will not run for reelection this yr.
“It’s about time,” he stated. “This is my 48th year here, and it’s time for me just to have time for myself and do some other things.”
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Mytty made the announcement the day earlier than the Feb. 15 deadline for incumbents to file for workplace. Nonincumbents have till Tuesday, March 1, to file.

First elected in 1974 at age 23, Mytty took workplace the subsequent January. In November 2018, he was elected for his twelfth and remaining time period.

Having spent so many years within the position, Mytty stated he remembers again to when the county used an computerized posting machine earlier than upgrading to a punch card machine.

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“Then we went to a magnetic tape machine, now we’re on PC-based server machines,” he stated. “So it’s just a progression of what’s happened throughout the nation as far as computerizing stuff.”

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    </article></div><div class="lee-article-text">As properly as working with the county’s votes for elections, Mytty has additionally labored with the Dodge County Board of Supervisors.</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>“I liked the county boards that we’ve had over the years, there’s been some good people that served,” he stated. “The chairpeople have always been really good.”</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>Although he stated he’s been “relatively healthy,” Mytty stated he made the choice not to run after a lot thought and gave his due to his deputy, Micki Gilfry, and the remainder of his workers.</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>“I expect to have a good time in retirement,” he stated.</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>With the subsequent individual to fill the county clerk position, Mytty stated they’ll have to assist the county information by means of paying off financial institution loans from the spring 2019 flood, monitor the usage of American Rescue Plan Act funds and guarantee honest and correct elections.</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>“I will give them support and anything that they need as far as background information on stuff,” he stated. “I’m glad to help.”</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>County Board Chairman Bob Missel stated he had a “tremendous” quantity of respect for Mytty and stated he’s been a useful asset to the county.</p></div><div class="lee-article-text"><p>“It’s been an honor to have worked with him,” he stated. “The county loses a wealth of knowledge with Fred Mytty’s retirement, that’s for sure.”</p></div><div class="inline-asset inline-link  p402_hide subscriber-only tnt-inline-asset tnt-inline-relcontent tnt-inline-link tnt-inline-relation-sibling tnt-inline-presentation-headline tnt-inline-alignment-default tnt-inline-width-default"><h5 class="tnt-headline ">

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