How Video Screening Can Help in Finding the Perfect Candidate

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Every business recruiter dreams of finding that perfect candidate. Some firms try different recruiting methods while others focus on questions asked during interviews to find the best strategy for hiring the perfect candidate.

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Indeed, there are different ways you can find the right candidates for your firm. However, the most recommended recruitment solution for finding the ideal employee is video screening. Video screening not only makes it easier to find the perfect candidate, but it also makes the recruitment process much quicker.

But, what exactly is video screening? And how does this recruitment solution help in finding the perfect candidate? Read on.

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What is Video Screening?

Video screening is the newest replacement for phone screening, where interviewers spent countless hours screening for candidates. This recruitment solution involves using video interviews for the hiring and recruiting process.

In these video interviews, the clients and potential candidates engage in an interactive dialogue using video technology. Clients ask the candidates targeted questions, which enables them to eliminate all doubts and uncertainties. More so, video screening allows recruiters to realize the competence of potential employees and their real personality. These attributes make it easier for recruiters to identify their ideal candidates.

How Video Screening Can Help in Finding the Right Candidate

Video screening is one of the most effective recruitment solutions for finding the right candidate. The following are seven ways how this video technology does that:

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1. You Meet the Person Behind the Resume

Nowadays, candidates don’t even have to write a resume; they can find one online! It is no wonder, then, that all the CV’s you get during interviews almost always look the same. The easier accessibility of resumes on the internet has made it even harder to find genuine candidates.

On the contrary, video screening enables you to meet the person behind all the papers and resumes. Through these video interviews, you will get a clearer picture of the candidates. Then, you can invite your preferred individuals to in-person interviews and hire your top candidates.

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2. You Manage your Candidates More Efficiently

When you use video screening as your recruitment strategy, you create order out of chaos. How so? First, since video interviews are usually conducted over electronic devices, you can easily manage the candidates in one place. Also, video screening eliminates all geographical constraints, which means less admin work and a more straightforward recruitment process.

Furthermore, video screening allows you to make notes, ratings, and revisit replies, important information that can help you choose the right candidate for your firm. What’s even better, you can share this information with the whole recruitment team. The recruiting team can then make a sound, well-thought-out decision on the best candidate to hire.

3. You Encourage a Transparent Hiring Process

Face to face interviews have one major disadvantage: they involve a lot of hassle of coordinating schedules, resulting in more candidates being pulled away from the hiring process. Video screening eliminates such inconveniences. It makes it possible to include more people in the recruitment process. Therefore, video screening ensures that you don’t practice any unconscious bias. The more people involved in the hiring and recruitment process, the wider you can cast your net and the more chances you will have for finding the right candidate.

4. You allow Candidates to Shine

The best way for candidates to showcase their personality and skills is through video interviews. Video interviews allow candidates to be creative. Most candidates express themselves better in video interviews than in their CV’s.

Therefore, by conducting video screening, you will be able to understand your candidates better. Who will realise their true self better, which will, in turn, help you choose the most suitable candidates for your firm?

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5. You Provide your Candidates with a Smooth Experience

Video screening is a very flexible and convenient recruitment solution. It not only saves ample time but also cuts down on recruitment admin. By so doing, the process provides candidates with a very smooth and positive experience.

While this may sound only beneficial for your candidates, it also benefits you as the recruiter. Consider this; no candidate prefers taking part in interviews that take too long to arrange. When an interview takes too long to arrange, most candidates usually get frustrated and take other offers elsewhere.

Therefore, when you engage in video interviews, you will save a lot of time. In turn, you will attract more potential candidates to these interviews, giving you a better chance to find the most suitable candidates.

6. You Can Showcase your Company Culture

The hiring and recruiting process is like a two-way street: recruiters hope that they won’t hire the wrong candidates, and the candidates also hope that they won’t have to join the wrong company or firm.

Video screening provides you with a perfect opportunity to showcase your well-defined company culture. When they watch these videos, candidates can get precise information about what your firm is all about. Therefore, only candidates who feel that they can fit in your firm will apply for the position, guaranteeing you of only the perfect candidates.

7. You Can Share the Recordings with Team Members

Face to face interviews have another disadvantage in that they cannot be recorded. Therefore, when relaying information about the candidates to other team members, the recruiter can only rely on their sketchy notes and persuasion skills.

The good thing about video interviews is that they can be recorded. Therefore, you won’t have to go through the hassle of painting a picture of your co-workers’ candidates. After all, your team members will also have access to the interview process. Hence, you will all be able to make a wise unanimous decision on which candidates should move to the next step for the recruitment process.


To make yours a successful business, you need to have the best team of workers. And having the best team of workers doesn’t just happen; you must hire the right candidates to join your team. Video screening is one of the best recruitment solutions that can guarantee your team’s perfect candidates. Therefore, take advantage of video screening technology; it will not only save you a lot of time and money, but it will ensure that you always get the best of the very best candidates!

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