How to Organize Your Windows Desktop Automatically with iTop Easy Desktop?

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Desktop management is a significant element to keep your files, documents, and all the other data in organized and comprehensive manner. For a person who operates or works via a computer or any other electronic device, a desktop management system is highly necessary. The iTop Easy Desktop provides you with the perfect balance to manage desktop files, shortcuts, folders, icons, and other data.  

The free software contains unlimited features such as accessing search actively, direct icons approach, combining items, aligned layouts, and many more. In this article, we will review the iTop Easy Desktop and will discover much more about it.  

An Introduction to iTop Easy Desktop 

There is nothing more exhausting than working with a cluttered and messy desktop. But with iTop Easy Desktop, you can take charge of your window desktop and get the items to align on your own terms. The iTop Easy Desktop helps you to declutter your desktop by saving both your time and money.  

iTop Easy Desktop not only provides you with desktop management but also provides the user with a lot more. You can conveniently search and access any file as iTop desktop tool classifies data and rapidly find any file.  

The innovative feature of the software is that it enables you to hide every piece of information on the desktop with just a double click whenever you need a clean and clear screen. You can also hide your files in a private box to protect them against any outside access. 

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How to Use the iTop Easy Desktop? 

A clean, decluttered, and neat desktop may seem like a little change but it optimizes your work productivity more than you can ever think of. But how can you organize your window desktop in order to bring order to your life? Here are the easy and simple steps to access the iTop Easy Desktop: 

  1. You first have to download and install the free iTop Easy Desktop which is a fast and smooth process.  
  2. Now you will organize your files, folders, icons, and media into different groups through desktop boxes.  
  3. Lastly, you will configure the settings and save the desktop layout.  

Key Features of iTop Easy Desktop  

The iTop Easy Desktop has the main function to declutter and organize desktop. But the element that makes this tool distinctive from others is due to its new and advanced features which are: 

Aligned layouts: The tool will automatically align the desktop files whenever you will add or delete a file or folder.  

Navigational hotkeys: A user contains infinite data on the desktop which makes it sometimes hard to locate a file. iTop Easy Desktop allows you to create personalized hotkeys to navigate data and information.  

Roll up: iTop Easy Desktop not only organize your files but also protect the files by the auto roll up feature whenever the box is at the edge of the desktop.  

Notifying element: iTop Easy Desktop notifies the user whenever a new piece of data is added to the box. So, that you can easily access the file without wasting time to find it. 

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Saving layouts; With the iTop desktop tool, you can intelligently save your desktop layouts in order to use them in the future.  

Final Words 

A cluttered and unorganized desktop can be quite overwhelming for you and can impact your productivity as well. iTop Easy Desktop is the perfect tool that allows you to manage and optimize your window desktop with advanced features and applications. Desktop data, applications, and projects may all be better managed with the aid of iTop Easy Desktop. The tool allows you to organize, and get everything sorted out to boost your productivity and work efficiency. From now on, you can easily put all your files in order, monitor the progress of your projects, and quickly retrieve the data you need. 


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