How to Get a Job as a Trucker

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Trucking can be an immensely rewarding career path, one that promises huge monetary benefits to those that pursue it. 

It’s not just the money that convinces people to hit the open road; it’s the feeling of the drive itself, the spirit of the journey, the independence, and the freedom. 

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If trucking sounds like a role for you, then you couldn’t have picked a better time to ignite your interest. 

Demand for truckers is high, and job opportunities are rife in the United States and way beyond. 

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Whether you’ve yet to start your career or you want to make a switch any time soon, here’s how to get a job as a trucker. 

Get the Right Licenses

In the USA, you’ll need a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) to start your journey; you can get this from the DMV. After obtaining this, you’ll move on to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and this will enable you to begin your trucking adventures!

Without a CDL, you won’t be able to take jobs that involve driving across different state lines (you’ll also need a clean driving record and have to be at least 21 for this). 

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You can get your CDL from a dedicated school, and while this can cost a lot of money, many schools are offering reimbursement, and some employers are doing the same, possibly due to high demand for the role. 

Remember to choose the right CDL school, as not all of them have a great reputation. Many community-led or private schools are absolutely fantastic, however; it’s all about finding one that suits you. 

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You’ll also need to pass drug tests every now and then, and you’ll need proof of residence too. 

Once you’ve got your license, you can start your new career as a trucker!

How to Find Work

There’s plenty of opportunities out there right now, especially thanks to the ease with which the internet can send work your way; it’s just about knowing where to look in the first place. 

One of the best ways to start finding yourself regular shipping work is to check out a reliable load board like Shiply at

After signing up to the load board, you can pick and choose jobs at your discretion, and there’s never any shortage of work. 

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You don’t have to rush into anything before you’re ready, either, as you can set your job search parameters to suit you perfectly. Whether this means selecting your distance or load weight, it’s totally up to you. 

Big Salaries 

Truck drivers are in demand across the country right now, and salaries are amazingly competitive. 

This is great news for a brand-new trucker who’s eager to start work and enter the industry on a great salary to begin with. 

It’s worth having a long look around to see what kinds of salaries are being offered before you snap up the first opportunities that head your way; you’re in a strong position to negotiate once your skillset is in high demand. 

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