Heard this bird? Koels’ piercing call divides residents

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Their identify is an onomatopoeia of the sound they make, which is to set up territories and to draw mates, Mr Tan added.

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NParks’ Mr How stated that complaints from residents improve in the previous few months of the yr from October to December, coinciding with the koel’s mating season.

The National Development Ministry stated within the parliamentary reply that NParks adopts a “holistic and science-based approach” to handle the inhabitants of birds in Singapore, together with the Asian koel.

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At residential areas, the company conducts surveys to determine hotspots the place the birds are generally discovered.

To deter the birds from perching or foraging in these websites, NParks works with city councils and property managers to prune timber and harvest fruits to take away their meals supply.

“As the Asian koel lays its eggs in crow nests, NParks also removes such nests to manage the population of these birds. These measures have been effective in managing the population of Asian koels in residential areas, in a sustainable and humane manner,” the ministry stated.

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“NParks will continue to work closely with agencies to enhance its strategies to mitigate bird-related disamenities, while promoting harmonious co-existence with our native wildlife species.”

The Nature Society’s Mr Tan stated that when koels call in an open space, they’re truly not that loud. But in some residential areas, the density or the design of the buildings means the sound bounces off the constructions, making it “extra loud”.

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“In a residential area, especially those that are surrounded by buildings, the bird happens to perch in the middle, the sound gets amplified,” he stated.

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