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Five Reasons to Win Election by Congress in Himachal

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Five Reasons of Congress to Win Election in Himachal : By the election commissioner Himachal election result has announced and Congress is the party who has won the 40 seats in total 68 seats. Besides it 25 seats has won BJP candidates and three seats has won by other candidates. But it is severe condition that what was the reasons that BJP who is dominating’s in state only won 25 seats in the Himachal. So friends, in this article we will know about the five things that are really affected the Himachal election and voters come in to favor in Congress. Here are Five Amazing Facts to Win Congress in Himachal, Rahul Gandhi Magic in Himachal, Why Voters Choose Congress in Himachal that you can share with your friends and family also-

Traditional Rule to Change Party in Every Five Year

Five Amazing Facts to Win Congress in Himachal

It is the tradition rule in Himachal that only tow parties dominants in Himachal randomly with the gap of five year. In last 20 year this sequence has repeated that people give their votes BJP for five years and after five year to Congress. So all over this is matter that public is not happy with both parties but there is no third party dominance in Himachal. AAP who has choose opportunity in Himachal first time that also be fail in this race.

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Old Pension Scheme Promise and Favor of Govt Employees

Rahul Gandhi Magic in Himachal

Recently Old Pension Scheme is the major trend that occurs in Himachal and other regions. In BJP government this was the sad back that old pension scheme was closed by central government. But by congress party this is plus point that is proven panaceas for congress in recent election because everywhere it is the sound favor to restart the old pension scheme. so it was also the sad back of BJP in Gujrat election.

High Price and Inflation in BJP Rule

Why Voters Choose Congress in Himachal

Today in the country the prices is high and inflation rate also in extreme point that is 7.42 % that is major cause that BJP was replaced by the congress. It was the plus point of congress that they raise issue in their election rallies of high inflation and dearness.

Middle Class Family Against Dearness in BJP Rule

It is also truth that middle class is angry with the BJP because everywhere all the mandatory costs of kitchen consumes in high. In last five months dearness of product has raised with rapid speed and all middle class family are suffering to much high costs of the dearness. So this is also a major cause that Congress take benefit on this point.

Decrease in Apple Business with Low Cost

In Himachal Apple business contributes sixty percent and after the Three farms bill Adani group interfered with this business. All over in this business apple growers achieved a very low rate of their production and this also hike in Himachal because all the core industry depends on the apple business. High GST rate also affects the apple growers and adverse effect came in to favor of BJP and congress achieve benefit on this issue.

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