Does consuming bird’s nest really help improve your complexion? We ask an R&D team

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There’s a complement for seemingly each ailment as of late – to thicken and develop hair, reset your intestine well being, and even increase your general vitality. But lengthy earlier than the world of dietary supplements expanded, chicken’s nest was the go-to magnificence complement that Asian men and women indulged in.
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The delicacy is also known as the “Chinese Fountain of Youth” and even “Elixir of Life” as it’s identified to help protect youth and vitality. However, vitamins in dietary dietary supplements are directed first to our physique, with a negligible quantity that goes to our pores and skin, so are the wonder advantages of chicken’s nest merely an outdated wives’ story?

To learn how chicken’s nest can scientifically help to improve our pores and skin’s situation, we reached out to New Moon’s Research and Development (R&D) team. Read on to be taught more in regards to the information and myths of consuming the well being staple, and discover the most effective chicken’s nest for your considerations.

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What is chicken’s nest and the way is it created?

dried bird's nest

As its identify suggests, chicken’s nests are cultivated within the swiftlet’s homes. They’re usually situated in city areas close to the ocean, the place the birds are naturally inclined to flock to. According to the R&D team, the swiftlet pair will begin constructing their nest constituted of their saliva after they’ve began breeding to arrange for the arrival of their infants.

“When young swiftlets reach maturity to fly and live independently, they would leave their nests, leaving the nests empty and ready to be harvested by the owner of the swiftlet house,” the team says.

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“Our company employs ethical practices when sourcing for bird’s nests, the harvesting process of bird’s nest is 100% swiftlet-friendly,” the R&D team lets on. “All of New Moon bird’s nest products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, and production is certified by HACCP and GMP standards.”

Does consuming chicken’s nest help improve our complexion?

new moon bird's nest skin benefits
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The reply is sure. Research has been proven to assist chicken’s nest’s status as a veritable superfood. They include very important amino acids, which contribute to the manufacturing of development hormones related to younger-looking pores and skin and wholesome metabolism.

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird’s nest is considered to be medicinal. It helps to improve skin health, restore lung functions, and act as a supplement for prenatal and postnatal health,” the team explains. “It also boosts the immune system and enhances recovery from surgical and wound health.”

“Edible bird’s nests are rich in sialic acid and glycoprotein, which are believed to increase cell tissue repair, promote cell division, increase cell proliferation, and improve brain function.”

Some chicken’s nests are additionally excessive in collagen, which is also known as the physique’s scaffolding as it’s a very powerful structural protein in your pores and skin. It can improve and increase our physique’s collagen and collagen manufacturing, offering anti-ageing pores and skin advantages and different medical advantages like joint and muscle enhancements.

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Besides that, the R&D team says that “bird’s nest contains several components that have a high nutritional value for the human body.” Surprisingly, there are greater concentrations of amino acids in chicken’s nest in comparison with traditional protein-rich meals, reminiscent of milk and eggs.

These amino acids not solely help to strengthen the immune system, however in addition they keep the pores and skin’s hydration, resilience, and general wholesome look.

What are the opposite advantages of consuming chicken’s nest?

Besides providing skin-boosting and tissue-repairing advantages, chicken’s nest can also be good for the lungs. As a matter of truth, the R&D team says, “TCM prescribes bird’s nest as a treatment for tuberculosis, asthma relief, dry cough, hemoptysis, voice improvement, dyspnea, and general debilitation of bronchial illnesses.”

Bird’s nest additionally gives therapeutic results and works as an expectorant (a medicine that thins and loosens mucus within the airways), cough suppressant, and throat reliever.

Is chicken’s nest secure for pregnant girls and breastfeeding moms?

new moon bird's nest pregnant breastfeeding mums


As lengthy as you aren’t allergic to chicken’s nest, you possibly can eat a bottle day by day as it is usually secure for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. “In fact, it
has nourishing properties, which is good for the lungs and skin,” the team shares.

“However, as pregnant women may experience hormonal or psychological differences at this stage, it is recommended to seek professional medical advice before consuming any supplement.” This additionally applies to breastfeeding moms.

What’s more, all of New Moon’s chicken’s nest and collagen dietary supplements don’t include any bleaching brokers and are produced in halal-certified factories. However, just some will bear the Halal emblem on the packaging.

“For newly launched variants, each product will have to be submitted separately for halal certification. As such, the halal logo will only be present on the next batch – this process can take up to six months,” the R&D team explains. “That being said, we would like to assure you that our products are definitely halal compliant in terms of ingredients and handling.”

Which chicken’s nest is greatest suited to my considerations?

Ready to offer your pores and skin and well being a serving to hand by introducing chicken’s nest into your day by day routine? Then you’ll wish to begin with New Moon’s vary of chicken’s nest.

You’ll even be happy to know that each bottle of New Moon’s Bird’s Nest goes by a excessive temperature therapy throughout their retort processing, which implies they’re heated at 115°C for not less than half-hour. “This process reliably kills all commonly occurring microorganisms, making it sterile and safe for consumption,” the R&D team shares.

Keep studying to search out the most effective chicken’s nest drink for your considerations.

Supplements to spice up your magnificence and wellbeing

new moon bird's nest white fungus rock sugar

S$39.80 (6 bottles), S$139.60 (24 bottles)

The hottest chicken’s nest variant from New Moon’s choices, the model’s Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Rock Sugar is a staple complement that strengthens your immunity, helps you recuperate from persistent sicknesses, and provides radiance to your pores and skin.

White fungus – also referred to as Snow Fungus – is a key ingredient that nourishes the lungs, abdomen, and physique. Rich in amino acids and minerals, it replenishes the pores and skin’s moisture and restores pores and skin elasticity for supple, glowing pores and skin. With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it could additionally help to speed up wound therapeutic, collagen manufacturing, and increase general immunity.

For a premium twist, the Bird’s Nest with White Fungus can also be obtainable as Bird’s Nest White Fungus with American Ginseng & Rock Sugar, one other variant with the added advantages of American ginseng.

This nutritious root has lengthy been utilized in conventional Chinese drugs for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and energy-boosting properties. It reinforces “Qi”, your physique’s very important vitality, to help battle fatigue and tiredness. Together with white fungus, the drink reduces stress, lowers your blood sugar ranges, cools and balances your physique, and even aids in stopping cardiovascular ailments.

It even is available in a festive carton pack of 24 bottles, so present your company an opulent but wholesome deal with!

Luxurious dietary supplements for magnificence junkies

new moon bird's nest collagen strips

S$39.80 (6 bottles)

Know somebody who takes further nice care of their pores and skin? Or maybe that individual is you. Well, New Moon’s Bird’s Nest Collagen Strips and Bird’s Nest Collagen with Manuka Honey are those to get.

A magnificence recipe in a bottle, the Bird’s Nest Collagen Strips include a harmonious mix of chicken’s nest and hydrolysed marine collagen peptides to strengthen your pores and skin barrier and cut back irritation, granting you fairer, more radiant pores and skin. It additionally maintains good well being and strengthens your immunity, so that you’re able to tackle the brand new 12 months.

Even higher, New Moon makes use of a particular superior proprietary know-how to infuse fish collagen strips into the system for a jelly-like texture that additionally gives magnificence advantages.

new moon bird's nest manuka honey

S$39.80 (6 bottles), S$139.60 (24 bottles)

The Bird’s Nest Collagen with Manuka Honey can also be nice for your pores and skin and physique. It boasts 100% pure New Zealand manuka honey, which is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant-rich ingredient that’s been used historically for wound therapeutic, soothing throats, and bettering digestive points.

Some research have additionally proven that manuka honey relieves stomach discomfort and bloating to improve intestine well being. You gained’t see many chicken’s nest formulations round which might be infused with manuka honey. In truth, this distinctive product is the one one in all its variety.

Available offline at chosen main supermarkets, petrol kiosks, and comfort shops islandwide. Also obtainable online on New Moon’s Official Website and on main online platforms.

Premium items for mums and people recovering from being pregnant or sicknesses

new moon bird's nest for pregnant mums illnesses 1

Looking to get a considerate present for mum or a liked one who’s recovering from being pregnant or sickness? Pick up the New Moon Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar or Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar.

The Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar comprises actual, superior chicken’s nest strips which have a silky, gratifying texture for a refreshing expertise. Its improved system boasts 20% more chicken’s nest in every bottle, and it’s licensed with the Healthier Choice image because it comprises decrease ranges of sugar.

new moon bird's nest collagen rock sugar

S$46.90 (6 bottles)

Apart from selling cell regeneration that’s helpful for your general wellbeing, it additionally regulates your respiratory and digestive capabilities. This chicken’s nest complement can also be obtainable as Superior Bird’s Nest with Collagen and Rock Sugar, which comprises bovine collagen strips for a more satisfying texture.

Available offline at chosen main supermarkets and pharmacies islandwide. Also obtainable online on New Moon’s Official Website and on main online platforms.

new moon bird's nest premium concentrated

S$82 (1 bottle)

For a premium contact, present your liked one the Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar. Made with 100% real concentrated chicken’s nest that’s been meticulously hand-harvested and cleaned, it is freed from stabilisers, added flavouring, colourants, and preservatives, so that you’re getting the cream of the crop for your physique and pores and skin.

It comes wearing crimson and gold for an opulent, decadent look too.

Available solely online on New Moon’s Official Website and on main online platforms.

For a day by day increase of nourishment

new moon bird's nest daily group 1

An amazing different to unhealthy, sugary drinks, New Moon’s new vary of chicken’s nest drinks are good for on a regular basis refreshment and nourishment. They even are available in packs of 20 bottles, so you possibly can deal with your company this Chinese New Year.

Quench your thirst with the Everyday Collagen with Bird’s Nest and Real Honey, which comprises actual honey and marine collagen. Honey is a good supply of antioxidants and has antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties too, which is why it’s usually used as a pure treatment for sore throats and coughs. The polyphenols current in honey additionally play an essential function in stopping coronary heart illness too.

To bolster the system, the Everyday Collagen comprises collagen to advertise cell regeneration for more healthy, fairer pores and skin. Plus, the drink isn’t too candy both.

new moon bird's nest green tea 1

S$49.90 (20 bottles)

Craving for a refreshing and nourishing drink that’ll perk you proper up? Try the Bird’s Nest Collagen with Green Tea.

Mineral- and antioxidant-rich inexperienced tea comprises epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which improves pores and skin’s well being, aids with weight reduction by boosting your metabolism, and lowers your threat of heart problems. EGCG additionally protects your cells from injury and gives an anti-ageing impact, boosting the skincare advantages of chicken’s nest.

new moon bird's nest osmanthus 1

S$49.90 (20 bottles)

For an fragrant expertise, indulge within the new Bird’s Nest Collagen with Osmanthus.

In TCM, osmanthus is a widely known herb that improves the pores and skin, detoxifies the physique, and boosts lung well being, due to its nutrient-rich content material. Polyphenols and niacinamide strengthen your immune system whereas growing your physique’s antioxidative defenses.

What’s more, osmanthus naturally detoxes and eliminates the physique’s toxins, which is why it helps energise and refresh your physique. The osmanthus variant additionally lowers blood strain and retains you alert throughout the day, so it’s good for a day by day pick-me-up.

new moon bird's nest red dates 1

S$49.90 (20 bottles)

To carry your general vitality, deal with your self to the Bird’s Nest Collagen with Red Dates.

Rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid, crimson dates are probably the most standard well being components round. It replenishes and nourishes the blood, thereby bettering blood circulation.

This high-fibre ingredient can also be a pure sweetener that’s good for mind operate – nice for reinforcing your reminiscence and studying capacity.

Available solely online on New Moon’s Official Website and on main online platforms.

This article is delivered to you by New Moon. 

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