Does Comprehensive Bike Insurance Cover Passengers?

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Comprehensive insurance for a bike is quite advantageous for bike owners as they can opt for several add-ons to receive extra coverage. One such add-on is the passenger cover which offers financial coverage to co-passengers during accidents. 

In case of disability or death of the co-passenger, the insured amount can be used as financial assistance to cope with the loss. However, there are several other benefits of comprehensive insurance coverage that can benefit you immensely.

Benefits of Comprehensive Cover

The benefits of a comprehensive bike insurance cover are as follows:

  • Accidental damage protection โ€“ 

You can raise a claim if you meet with an accident and end up severely damaging your vehicle. At such times, you need to inform the insurer immediately so that they can inspect your damaged vehicle carefully. 

  • Provides coverage against accidental injuries โ€“ 

You can raise a claim if you incur severe injuries on your body during an accident. Your vehicle insurer with conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle before approving your claim. Once approved, you can use this money to cover your medical expenses.

  • Provides security from vehicle theft โ€“ 

If your vehicle gets stolen, you can raise a claim to cover the loss. However, you need to produce an FIR copy to the insurer in order to get approval for your claim.

  • Covers third-party liabilities during accidents โ€“ 

During an accident, if you end up injuring someone else and damage their vehicle, a comprehensive cover can turn out to be immensely beneficial. It offers you financial assistance to pay sufficient compensation to the victim, thus removing the sudden financial burden on you.

  • Offers coverage on man-made and natural calamities โ€“ 
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You can raise a claim if your vehicle gets damaged due to any man-made or natural calamities. This includes fire, explosion, landslide, riots, strikes, earthquakes and floods.

Inclusions of Comprehensive Cover

You can raise a claim on the comprehensive insurance for bike under the following circumstances:

  • Damage to third-party property during accidents.
  • Vehicle damage during natural or man-made disasters.
  • Compensation to a third-party victim during accidents.
  • When you suffer from severe injuries due to accidents.
  • When your vehicle gets severely damaged during accidents.

Exclusions of Comprehensive Cover

Mentioned below are the exclusions of a comprehensive bike insurance cover:

  • When you meet with the accident and raise a claim after the policy has expired.
  • If the bike needs repairing due to natural wear and tear or ageing and not because of accidents.
  • In case of accidents, if vehicle damage occurs because the driver was driving it under intoxication.
  • If the diver was driving the vehicle without a valid driving license.
  • In case you were using a personal vehicle for commercial purposes.
  • If the vehicle gets damaged due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • In case the accident takes place outside the geographical area mentioned in the policy.

Always opt for a passenger cover add-on with your comprehensive insurance for bike to ensure maximum safety for the passengers. This will act as a safety net in case your vehicle meets severe accidents.


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