DEEMO Reborn APK + OBB 1.0.2f (Paid) Obtain free for Android

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Immerse yourself in the tunable melodies of DEEMO Reborn, join the journey to find memories of a strange girl.

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Overview information

Name DEEMO Reborn
Package com.rayark.deemoreborn
Publisher Rayark International
Version 1.0.2f
Size 2G
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.3

Introduce about DEEMO Reborn

If you like the music game genre, you probably still remember the game DEEMO we introduced not long ago. This music game is really attractive, has received tens of millions of downloads from Google Play. Recently, a developer Rayark has just released DEEMO Reborn, the sequel of DEEMO.

DEEMO Reborn just launched in mid-December recently on both Google Play and App Store. Quite surprisingly, this new version of DEEMO Reborn requires you pay to download. It sells for $ 1.99, which can also vary by platform and region. For example, on Steam, the game costs up to $ 24.99, or $ 39.99 for the PS4. Before download this game on your Android phone, lets find out some information about it.

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The story of Deemo Reborn

DEEMO Reborn tells about a strange girl, she falls from the sky in a strange place. What is surprising is that she has no memory of her previous life. And then she met a guy named Deemo, a music enthusiast. He can play the piano with very special feelings, making anyone who hears passionate. It seems that Deemo is the girl’s savior who can help her find memories. And the fairy tale begins here.

A musical game with detailed, touching content

This version of DEEMO Reborn is still developing the familiar music gameplay like the original. You still play in a sliding style with musical notes running across the screen to create the complete song. And of course, DEEMO Reborn also has some new game modes and levels for you to explore.

  1. A Classic Reborn: This is the same classic mode as the original DEEMO. You will play in an ancient castle with a tall tree. This is exactly where the main character falls and loses her memory.
  2. Invesrating Reborn: In this mode, you need to unravel puzzles and mysteries in that castle. Unlock new places to explore, each with a secret.
  3. Rhythm Reborn: Immersed in the music, you will help the tree grow taller. Hopefully, this tree will help her with amnesia to return to her home.
  4. Melodies Reborn: Play this game with over 60 popular classic songs.

Immerse yourself with passionate melodies

Experience DEEMO Reborn, you will enjoy a lot of music. It can be soft, deep music or playful melodies, … Each game mode has many different tracks for you to complete and enjoy. It can be said that DEEMO Reborn brings a whole new style of music to the player.

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Image and music

DEEMO Reborn is developed only with 2D graphics, but enough to give you the best experience. You will feel satisfied when lighting effects combine with shake effect when you touch the music notes. It brings your music journey to become more vivid, more color.

As a music game, of course, music and sound are the souls of the game. And DEEMO Reborn has perfected this part very well. You will enjoy more than 60 classical songs with a full range of emotions such as happy, sad, dreamy, touching, … The music in the game will be played with the best quality, no less music player application. You should use a headset to enjoy music with the best quality.

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Download DEEMO Reborn APK free for Android

Overall, DEEMO Reborn does not have many gameplay changes compared to the original DEEMO. But with new stories and modes, the game promises to bring you exciting adventures through melodious and mysterious melodies. With DEEMO Reborn APK version, you can download the game for free and experience now.

As I mentioned above, DEEMO Reborn is sold on Google Play for 1.99 $. However, for many reasons, users cannot pay for games on Google Play. It could be that you don’t have a payment account, or your Android device doesn’t have a Google Play store. That’s why we bring DEEMO Reborn APK version completely free for you.

But you should note, this game includes APK and OBB files. You can read how to install games with OBB files here.

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