A Hair Care Guide On How To Maintain Your Rebonded Tresses

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Hair rebonding is a well-liked chemical process that relaxes your hair whereas additionally straightening the curls. This is the very best methodology for getting a glossy, straight mane, particularly in case your hair is frizzy and tough to handle. But the results of rebonding are long-lasting and considerably scale back frizzy hair. Dr. Amrendra Kumar; Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon presents us more perception on the topic. He reveals that the protein molecules discovered between the hair’s bonds give it its distinctive look. 

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Every sort of hair, whether or not curly or wavy, has a pure bond that determines its bodily traits. This approach employs chemical substances to straighten out the pure bond. It’s a long-term process that restructures your hair by breaking down the pure cell construction. A neutralizer is used to re-bond the hair’s construction, giving it the feel and {shape} you need.

The essential dos for rebonded hair are as follows

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1. Use the best merchandise

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It’s crucial to make use of the right merchandise on chemically handled hair. Use the shampoo and conditioner advisable by your hairstylist or dermatologist to your rebonded hair, or merchandise made for straight hair. You received’t be capable to use the identical merchandise you used earlier than your hair was rebonded.

2. Leave your hair alone 

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Don’t even take into account attempting one thing new for a very long time after you’ve chemically straightened your hair. No coloring or different chemical remedies AT ALL – it can completely harm your mane, which is already extraordinarily delicate and fragile. This additionally signifies that you must keep away from utilizing warmth in your hair, similar to blow-drying or curling it. If you will need to use a hairdryer, be sure that it’s set to chill. Allow your hair to relaxation for at the very least 6 months to permit it to recuperate.

protect hair

3. Protect your hair from the solar 

We don’t must let you know how essential it’s to maintain your hair SPF-protected whether it is already broken. Wear a classy hat to guard your hair and make a style assertion, spend money on SPF-protected merchandise, and attempt to keep away from the solar as a lot as potential. Dryness, frizziness, and brittleness improve because of UV harm.

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steam hair

4. Once each two weeks, steam your hair

Wrap a heat, damp fabric round your head. Repeat this process at the very least twice more. However, be sure that it isn’t so sizzling that you may’t stand it.

The don’ts for rebonded hair are as follows

1. Give up hair ties

 It’s time to say goodbye to hair ties and bobby pins with regards to tucking your hair behind your ear. Hair fasteners may cause creases in your newly restructured hair, which you must keep away from in any respect prices.

2. Do not wash your hair too typically

Your hair requires as a lot moisture as potential. Reduce the variety of occasions you wash your hair in every week to maintain it wholesome. Make positive you don’t do greater than 3-4 washes per week. Dry shampoo can be utilized to increase the period of time between showers.

balanced diet

3. Don’t neglect your weight loss program 

Whether you imagine it or not, the well being of your hair is set by what you set inside your physique moderately than what you placed on it. While topical remedies are essential for sustaining hair well being, a balanced weight loss program can also be essential to make sure that your hair grows out wholesome from the roots.

4. Backcombing 

Make positive you don’t backcomb your hair after you’ve rebonded it.

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