8 Best Online Games That You Can Play Anytime And Anywhere

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The recent pandemic has surely taken a toll on your plans this festive season. Social distancing has made it impossible to make plans or hang out with your friends. Just because you cannot be physically present with them, does not mean you cannot have fun with them. 

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There is a hoard of fantastic online games that you can play with your friends and family. That, with the added convenience of a mobile phone, lets you play these games almost anywhere. All you have to do is ensure that you have enough charge and a stable internet connection. 

If you are someone looking for a few of the best online games, keep reading this article. Further mentioned here are some games that you can find both on the iOS and Android app stores that will instantly lift yours and your friends’ mood. 

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1. Words With Friends 2

As is obvious from the name, Words With Friends is an online scrabble game. Engaging and fun, this game is very straightforward and simple, making it a favourite amongst the elderly. Once you open the game and add your friends and family on to the same server, you are done with most of the work. 

There are a couple of letters that you are issued, out of which the motive is to make as many words as one can. The more words one makes, the more points they win and eventually the game. 

This game is not only good for a pastime but also helps stimulate your brain. Even though it sounds easy, sometimes it gets tough with letters like ‘Z’. All in all, it is a fun family game that you can play without the hassle of physically preparing the board or anything. 

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2. Chess

Most commonly one of the first games that people learn, there is not much to explain here. Set with the same rules as offline chess, this game is a must for all the chess lovers out there. Until now, there were only versions that let you play with the artificial intelligence of the game. 

However, with this release, now you can play a quick match with your friends and family as well. Along with other bonuses like a scoreboard to keep track of your wins and losses, this game also comes with several new board skins. It also has an option to play with other players in the world, which helps with improving your skillset as well. 

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3. Ludo Supreme

Just like the game mentioned above, this is also a very common game for families to play together. Unlike chess, a ludo board can fit four players, in turn making it more fun. What makes this more fun is the ability to add real money from a Paytm account and hold bets. If you win, you can earn money in real-time. 

If you are not interested in that, you can always play it for free and just have fun with your friends. One of the most downloaded games this pandemic, this Ludo gameis your best bet at having fun with your friends and family. 

4. Best Fiends STARS

If you are looking for a puzzle arcade game, there is no better option than this. It is an easy match-and-blast-your-way game that offers you a few amazing puzzles. Solving them can help you win adorable characters and coins to buy more skins and in-game prizes. 

Even though that is enough to make the game interesting, it also lets you pair with your friends or go against each other. The basic motive of the game is to race against your opponent and collect stars and fallen treasures before the team of slimy slugs get to it. You are sure to have a good laugh with a game like this. 

5. Jackbox Games

This might just be the most popular game this year, mainly because of the lockdown. Its popularity has only been increasing with more account creations each day. The most famous game in this app is ‘you don’t know jack.’ 

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It is a trivia game that can be played with friends. What makes it so attractive to the Gen Z crowd are the pop culture trivia questions. With a clock ticking, this game is sure to keep you on your toes for a whole round. 

6. Minecraft

Been in the industry for the longest, Minecraft never seems to disappoint its users. It has made its mark with every new generation and is continuing to do so. With more than 8 slots for adding friends, it offers the player a creative mode and a survival mode. 

While in the creative mode, the player can build almost anything imaginable to them, the survival mode tests the skillset of the player to see how long they can last. Playing an open-world game with no limitations to the gameplay can be a lot of fun with friends. Available for all ages across most platforms, it is best suited for gaming consoles like Xbox, PC and PS4.

7. Mario Kart Tour

Mario was probably one of the most loved games of every 90’s kid. With this new version of the car racing game, it is making a mark in this generation as well. Its interesting gameplay like rescuing the princess and its arcade feel are sure to not disappoint you. 

This version further ups the stakes, introducing new levels like underwater racing and hand gliding. With your friends competing against you, it only gets better. 

8. Exploding Kittens

The highly strategic game allows the user to play with friends and strangers. It is a kid-friendly version of Russian roulette. In this game, the players have to draw cards till either of the players pull an exploding kitten. 

The exploding kitten card is enough to send the player out of the game, conveniently making the opponent the winner of that round. However, you can avoid this by using a defuse card, which is acquired the same way. 


Apart from being fun, studies have shown that adults who played games with their friends during this pandemic showed lesser signs of stress and improved overall well-being than those who did not. That is something everyone has been looking for this year, especially given the pandemic.

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