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Captain Marvel is without doubt one of the strongest and strongest Avengers. Her movie debut in 2019 showcased her origin story and from there we witnessed her shut friendship with Nick Fury. He was instrumental in Danvers’ journey into her previous.
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The occasions that came about over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe made us all suppose: Why didn’t Nick Fury name Captain Marvel? Of course, her introduction to the final a part of section 3 was meant. But if he had put that thought apart, Captain Marvel might have helped save the Earth just a few occasions.

When the Chitauri attacked New York

Captain Marvel: 5 Times Nick Fury Should Have Asked Her For Help

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Earth confronted the wrath of the Chitauri who had let Loki in. The Avengers held out and fought tirelessly, killing each single one in all them. But somewhat assist from a more highly effective creature can finish the battle as early as attainable.

This was the introduction of the unique Avengers workforce and this scene is so essential of their very first epic battle. If Nick Fury determined to contact Captain Marvel, she might have been a part of the MCU’s unique superheroes.

When Ultron was made


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After the Chitauri’s hazard to Earth, Tony Stark “accidentally” unleashed a deadlier menace within the type of Ultron. The evil robotic needs to deliver destruction to the world underneath the deception of ‘peace in our time’.

If the mutant twins didn’t come to assist the Avengers, they might lose an opportunity. Remember it was Scarlet Witch who killed Ultron. If they hadn’t been within the image, Fury would have needed to enlist Captain Marvel’s assist.

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When the darkish elves invaded the earth

Aether Thor The Dark World Captain Marvel

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This intergalactic hazard brought on by the Dark Elves precipitated a lot commotion on Earth. They tried to revive their historical territory with the assistance of the Aether, which affected a number of realms, most notably ours.

For issues involving area threats and evil aliens, Fury ought to have recognized higher and warned Captain Marvel straight away. She might have prevented them from getting into the terrain of the Earth.

When Sokovia was destroyed


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The battle in Sokovia destroyed so much, not solely the entire metropolis, but additionally many individuals’s lives. Captain Marvel might have made a shock arrival and stopped Ultron from lifting the bottom into the air. As talked about within the second merchandise, Fury might have referred to as her and wouldn’t have ended up on this state of affairs.

When The Avengers Broke Up

Captain America Civil War Captain Marvel

This is the state of affairs the place divine intervention might have been utilized. The breakup of the Avengers is the results of the Sokovia Accord, which causes the members to show their backs on one another. If Nick Fury had requested Captain Marvel to return down and be the intervention between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, it will have been a very stunning scene.

On the opposite hand, she might have prevented their cut up by convincing them that there’s a lot imminent hazard in area and so they’d higher stick collectively. Imagine in the event that they already knew about Thanos’ menace Captain America: Civil War.

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