18 Modern Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas

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No home is complete without wall lighting, so here are the modern living room ideas for lighting your wall: – 

Don’t Worry, Be Tidy

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If there are any best ways to make a living room feel lively, cosy, and homey, then it is wall lighting without hampering your sightline. A room with high ceilings and no proper lighting can make it clumsy.

Matching Materials

Matching the materials is the essential thing before starting to decorate your wall with lights. First, ensure the wall colour and the wall lighting matches each other or not; it should always be a mixture of dark and light shade.

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Dress Your Best

Black shades are always considered for formalizing the room with that a gold; thin wall chandeliers can add an elegant look to the room.

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Little Light, Big Difference

It does not always require heavy lighting; sometimes, a minimalist chandelier in your living space can lighten up the floors and walls.

Contemporary Décor

Don’t get scared of mixing two styles or designs to decorate your living space. Explore styles and mix them and form a new modern age style by adding some modern wall lights with horizontal borders.

The Secret of Downlighting

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Try this downlighting for the space which needs some light; if you are a book lover and have a reading space lighten it up with downlighting. These can turn into the wall lights for home.

When Bigger is Better

Get out of the myth that ceilings are the only thing that can enhance the ambience of your room. Sometimes a big size chandelier can make a huge change in your living space.

Bring the Garden Indoors

The living space lighting is literally the most important lighting of a house. If you are eco-friendly, you can bring flowers, petals, and leaf shape wall lights for your home to decorate.

Choose a Different Accent

Uplights are the best choice to add accent lighting to your living room. The designs which are minimalist and are made from brass, gold, or other metals are the most popular modern living room designs. 

Look for Family

If you already have wall lighting in your living room, then try to buy another lighting of the same brand to give it a seamless look.

Everything in its Place

Try to organize things according to their colour, shape, and style. If you have dark walls and furniture, look for wall lights that act as both downlights and uplights to improve lighting in the room.

Wall Sconces in a Pattern

As chandeliers are well known as a focal part of a room, similarly buy some modern led wall lights for your living space which go with its pattern.

A Modern Classic

The classic wall light design for the modern living room gives it a geometric look. If you are a minimalist lover, then this is the option for you.

No Electrician Necessary

You don’t need any electric repair in your living room for installing the wall lights as the plug-in wall chandeliers are easy to install since they will connect to any standard outlet.

The Power of Decoration

Wall lights can do magic when it comes to home decorations as it is the best decorative tools. Some of the most demanding designs include geometric shapes or patterns. 

Get the Task Done

If you want some task lighting over a seating arrangement but the room lacks floor lamps, then position the downlights on the wall.

Imagination Unleashed

If you want to create an image for your living room, let wall lights serve as your wall art. 

Ceiling Light on the Wall

Cleverly placed wall lights can act just like ceiling lights. 

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